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Game Plan, Canada's Total Athlete Wellness Program
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Skill Development 101

Building Your Story: Understanding and navigating social media as a Team Canada athlete

This was built to empower all Team Canada athletes to make the best possible use of social media accounts and tell the story of their sports, their teams, their journeys, and themselves.


Tips on Dealing with the Media

Here you can learn about the positive opportunities involved with telling your story, how to best deal with the media, and how to better avoid distraction that may take away from your sport competition. 


Rule 40 Guidelines for Tokyo 2020 & Beijing 2022

These guidelines outline how the Canadian Olympic Committee (“COC”) will implement Rule 40 in Canada during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (being held in 2021) and the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games (collectively the “Games”), including how athletes may continue to promote their personal sponsors (i.e. brands and companies who are not Olympic partners), and how these sponsors may continue to feature athletes in advertising during the Rule 40 period (the “Games Period”).

  • Tokyo 2020 Games Period: July 13 – August 10, 2021;

  • Beijing 2022 Games Period: January 27 – February 22, 2022.


Game Plan Skills Programs

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Coaching Education

Sign Up Deadline: March 26, 2023

Game Plan and the CAC will provide support to athletes who are planning to coach in the Competition-Development (Comp-Dev) stream, or the Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) program as part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). Support will be for one year with up to$1000 in grants (and a minimum of $100). Registration occurs in the spring Applicants must clearly state the dates of courses needed for their coaching pathway, along with other mandatory components. Funding allocations and processes will be outlined in further detail to successful applicants. 


  • Expose athletes to National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coach education.

  • Expose athletes to a career in coaching.

  • Recruit coaches from within the sport system.

  • Develop a relationship between, Game Plan, CAC, NSOs, COC & CPC, to keep athletes and alumni in the sport system.

1. Access to Competition-Devevelopment

The Game Plan Coaching Education Program will reimburse coaching education fees for athletes to complete NCCP Competition-Development training in their sport. This reimbursement is available to athletes who are still competing, or within 2 years of retirement, per Game Plan eligibility. Through the CAC’s Women in Coaching Program, we encourage female athletes to apply.

2 . Access to the NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma

The Game Plan Coaching Education Program reimburse coaching education fees for 1-2 athletes to complete the NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma. This reimbursement is available to athletes transitioning out of sport or who have already retired. The CAC’s support will go toward supporting women participants.

Deadline to apply is March 25, 2022.

Applications will open February 2023!
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The Advanced Diploma in Coaching allows me to validate certain knowledge acquired in the field.
- Arianne Fortin, Boxing

Brand Management

Athlete Media Resources

Learn a New Language

If you are interested in learning a new language, the Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software is a resource available for free. Please reach out to your local advisor for more information and to start your learning experience.

Join Game Plan’s free language learning classrooms through Duolingo. If there is another language that you are interested in connect with [email protected].