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Game Plan, Canada's Total Athlete Wellness Program
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Our Mission

Game Plan, powered by Deloitte, is Canada’s total athlete wellness program that strives to develop holistic, well-rounded individuals that excel in and out of sport through a fully-integrated program where long-term personal, educational, and professional achievement does not come at the expense of athlete wellbeing. Game Plan supports athletes on and off the field of play, and equips them to stay in sport longer, perform better, and retire healthier knowing they have the tools to prepare and be positive members of their communities at all stages of their career.

Game Plan is a collaboration between the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC), Sport Canada and Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN) to provide the best resources this country has to offer to our national team athletes – a team that has given so much and inspired so many.

"Game Plan works because it values the person as much as the athlete."
– Ellen Allard, Canadian women’s wheelchair basketball

Our Vision

All national team athletes will excel in and out of sport.

Our History

Game Plan was founded in response to the needs identified by athletes, coaches and sport system stakeholders in two key publications:

Drawing from these findings, international best practices, extensive input from current and retired athletes, and identified gaps in the current service delivery, a series of recommendations were put forward to implement a world-class program addressing the unique transition needs of Canadian athletes.